:: The life cycle of our oil

The Bitetti extra virgin olive oil is a product of Ginosa's olive orchards, which extend from the famous Gravina to the Ionian Sea.

The collection of the olives is a very important moment. It is necessary to collect healthy olives at the right stages of ripness to obtain a fragrant oil, fruity and rich in nutrients. The harvesting begins in the beginning of November and ends mid January.

The olives are harvested by hand or with mechanical shakers that make them fall directly from the tree into the nets. They are then stored in perforated bins according to the maturity and type of variety and immediately brought to the mill to be processed, strictly, within 24 hours.

The mill that began this careful process and transformed the olives into oil has become ...THE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL BITETTI.

We begin this journey together...

The olives begin the stage of defoliation where they are placed on a conveyor belt and passed under a vacuum in order to remove leaves and small twigs, and then are washed with water to remove all traces of dust.After these first two stages of cleaning, the olives are passed to the mill where the fruit is crushed with big machines in granite for about 15 minutes. The olive paste obtained is fed into the large tanks in which a revolving propeller blade kneeds the dough for some time. The final stage of processing is the separation of oil from the pomace and vegetable water.

All phases of separation are controlled by checking the temperature of the pulp and oil, so you can define EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL COLD EXTRACTION or COLD PRESSED. The resulting oil is stored in a dry place in stainless steel tanks according to the varieties of olives from which it was produced. Once packed in bottles or cans the oil is left to settle naturally to preserve flavours, fragrances and typical sensations of freshly picked fruit.It is possible to make custom filtration.

The precious olive juice is ready.

Throughout the year you can visit the mill and taste the oils that are produced. The extra virgin Bitetti can be ordered with a simple phone call or by sending your contact information.

QUALITY CONTROL ... A way of working, conscientious with particular care and consumer protection

The extra virgin Bitetti oil comes straight from the mill onto the tables of our customers. It is consumed by people from a range of all ages, from infants to the elderly. For this reason it is fundamental that the work goes through rigorous checks throughout the oil production chain to obtain a genuine product and quality.

  • Only small olives are harvested that are fresh and healthy to get a 'low-acid oil, scented and rich in nutrients.
  • Olives are transported and stored in the mill in perforated bins to facilitate the aeration of the fruit.
  • All phases are carried out by trained and qualified professionals.
  • All procurmenst (bins, cans, bottles, corks, etc. ..) are controlled by details of compliance.
  • All metal parts which come into contact with the product are in stainless steel and are constantly kept clean and sanitized as well as local processing and various equipment.
  • The facilities are maintained to ensure the proper functioning and safety of workers.
  • A small quantity of oil is analysed and controlled for chemical, physical and multiresidual elements.
  • The crusher bitetti performed all the procedures and controls established by the HACCP plan drawn up pursuant to Decree No. 193/07.
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